Privacy Policy

  • General Information:

    This Privacy Policy stipulates the principles of processing and protection of personal data provided by users/performers in connection with their use of services offered by

    The web service obtains information about the users and their behaviour through information voluntarily entered in forms and through collecting cookies [see what are “cookies”].

  • Cookies:

    Files with IT data saved on computers of the users, where information used/entered by them on websites/web services visited is stored. Cookie files may contain detailed information such as web services settings or be used for tracking users/performers interaction with the website.

    The service administrator uses cookie files for the proper functioning of the service. Cookies most frequently contain information on the name of site they come from, date, unique numeric code, and data.

    Every web browser allows blocking cookies. In case of disabling cookies we do not guarantee proper operation of

    Cookies do not contain personal data.

  • Acquisition and use of data

    We gather data/information exclusively for the purposes:

    • related to providing services (e.g. saving user/performer settings/preferences, sending text or voice messages, proper streaming transmission etc.);
    • of implementation of concluded agreements (e.g. with an Internet payment processor);
    • of fulfilment of obligations to the supervisory body or to the tax authorities.
  • The acquisition and use of data shall be in accordance with the applicable provisions of the law art. 5 of the GDPR and the act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data.

    The administrator/owner of the web service uses all collected data solely and exclusively for legitimate purposes to provide proper, efficient, and fair functioning of service.

    If you expressly and explicitly consent through separate approving panel, we shall also process your data for marketing and promotional purposes. (The legal base to process your personal data is your consent and the GDPR.) You can withdraw your consent at any time.

    We gather and process only data necessary for ensuring full functionality of the service, i.e.: privates and group audio-video transmissions, account registration and profiles’ creation, cashing and buying tokens, transfer and reception of files, chatting etc.

    Account registration – in order to fully benefit from the service you must register to your own account. Data gathered during the registration will be used to allow you to log in to the service. Data collected to create an account are e-mail address, gender, security password.

    Financial transactions (account top-up) – this function is supervised by a payment processing company appointed by us. During this operation we do not collect any data. Information necessary for execution of the ordered operation shall be gathered only by the payment processing company (tpay and dotpay).

    Automatic data – during your presence on our web service, there are automatically acquired data concerning your presence, e.g. your IP address, domain specific information, browser settings, operating system information, and all data the collection of which is required by provisions of the law.

    Contact – when contacting us via available channels, i.e. via the service, e-mail etc., you provide personal data e.g. e-mail address, information contained in an e-mail content etc. We shall use it only in order to respond.

    Related services – the obtained personal data may be transferred to parties facilitating providing services, in particular payments, that is to the payment processors and banks. These parties may process the data to provide their services. Financial transactions (account top-up) are supervised by a payment processing company appointed by us. During this operation we do not collect any data. Information necessary for execution of the ordered operation shall be gathered only by the payment processing company (tpay and dotpay).

    You shall be informed and asked for consent when your personal data transfer to an international organisation is necessary.

    In the event of infringement of the provisions of the applicable law or the rules and regulations of our service, we may provide your data to judicial authorities.

  • Administration:

    The gathered personal data shall be stored by us for the time necessary to provide services properly, until limitation period for potential claims expires, and for the period required to meet obligations with regard to the supervisory authority or the tax authorities. The data obtained for the purchase transaction shall be stored pursuant to the Accounting Act and other provisions applicable to a taxable person.

    Data security – communication between your computer (or other device you use) and our server is encrypted using the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer), whereas our databases are protected against access by third parties by three-factor authentication. All passwords and confidential information are encrypted in a manner that prevents their unauthorised use.

    Contact channels – the main and priority contact channel is an e-mail message. If you made an account top-up transaction, you may receive e-mails from us regarding the transaction. If important information needs to be provided, e.g. changes to the rules and regulations, privacy policy, program functions etc., we shall send you an e-mail message.

  • Rights and obligations.

      In accordance with legislation in force, due to the fact that we store and process your personal data, you are entitled to:

    • access your personal data;
    • change and rectify personal data;
    • have your personal data erased;
    • restrict the processing of personal data;
    • receive all collected and recorded personal data;
    • complain and object against data processing;
    • withdraw marketing consent to the extend you granted it during the registration;
    • lodge a complaint to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

    The withdrawal of consent to process/store data may seriously limit the functionality of the web service. Should you submit such an order, you will receive an e-mail informing which functions of the service may be lost within 24 hours.

  • Legal notice:

    We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy, however in case of any change you shall be informed (as a customer) via an e-mail message or the website notification.

    The controller of personal data contained in the web service is the owner of the service: APTG GROUP SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ z siedzibą w 02-013 Warszawa , UL. WILLIAMA HEERLEINA LINDLEYA 16, KRS [NCR] 0000847855, NIP [Tax Id No.] 7010988264, REGON [National Business Registry No.] 38638977000000


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